Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gemini Knight Strives To Become A Competent Witch...but can she?

My skills as a modern day witch are sorely lacking, yet somehow I managed to 'pop' into a gorgeous hunks bedroom at an appropriate moment. Catching him off guard, I saw him in his glory, fresh out of the shower. Yummy, is all I can say about him. Before he could react, I left with my best friend, Keira, and went home to dream all night about him. He was the kind of man I'd want for a husband, if only just to stare at him.

Muscles head to toe, tall, dark, handsome, and those sexy dark -rown eyes that made me want to melt in my tracks. Even though I covered my tracks, he found me the very next day at my hair salon. I was so stunned that I 'popped out' not realizing I took him with me until we ended up in a Dumpster covered in spagetti noodles. What a hoot!

He laughed so hard, tears came from his eyes. I think at that moment we fell in love.

The only thing was that he was Braxton Thorne of the infamous Thorne brothers who have been having a feud with my family for decades.

Brax promised not to kill me, and I promised not to turn him into a toad. It was a perfect match from the start, until I had to meet 'the family' and a greedy wizard tried to kidnap me to capture all my powers. Who knew I was so powerful?

Forever Blowing Bubbles releases on June 18, 2010.
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Franny Armstrong-ParaNovelGirl

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